Wednesday, January 21, 2009


On the art group I joined the Artists Trading Card workshop. They are on lesson 2 I think but I just finished lesson 1 Intuitive watercolors
on paper towel

on watercolor paper

I didn't have a baby wipe so I used a clorox wipe. I thought the directions read to take all of the experiments and use them to make 1 I re-read that I find I was just to take 1 and make an ATC...oh the back ground we were to see an image emerge...if you scroll back up to the watercolor background you can see 2 red dots on the right corner of that page...I saw a frog..

the blast of color are rocks and the then a rock slab...create the contents of the ATC for the lesson 1.
Thank you for stopping in


Anne said...

Hi, Mar! I really like the purple frog! He's cute!

And I like the "intuitive watercolor" on the watercolor paper. I wish I knew more about that particular technique. Looks fun to try!

Julie said...

I am a frog fan and this turned out lovely...
I am inspired to try my hand at watercolors now :)
You have a great studio! I would love to have such a grand space to work, I'm sure you have had hours of fun in such a special place...