Wednesday, January 28, 2009

All The RAGE...

But it is my first...ZEN-doodle!
They take a considerable amount of time to do. Staring at the blank page is tough.
At first I wanted to 'plan' the thing out but quickly learned that is not the way to go about these pieces.
Let it guide you.
The design takes on a 'plan' of its own and once you give yourself up to will flow a lot better.
Here is a cool blog to go look at for just for her creative content alone!, but she also has outstanding zen-doodle examples...
This won't be my last one but, I hope i improve with the future ones i do!
This is part of my defining word...'Balance' journal page.


Anne said...

Hi, Mar! What a cool Zentangle! I've never tried one before ... but maybe this will inspire me to give it a try! :-)

Val Foster said...

This is very cool. It kind of looks like an open purse. Great work for your first time. Keep doing more.