Saturday, January 3, 2009

Enough for NOW..

I am blessed with a really nice space for a studio.
I am a little bit of a pig when it comes to organization, keeping things in their place.
To be fair I am usually working in 2 or 3 different mediums at any given time.
While this arrangement carries a spacious feel to the space I am not utilizing my space.
So, I changed the positioning of the tables.
See over on my west wall in-between the bookcases the window...under the windows space...JR is going to build me another shelf unit to go there to place my small equipment. I can relieve the bookshelves then of them.

Here, I have made it to a point where I am thinking enough is enough..time for arting...BUT, notice under the center table all those boxes...they house papers and inks and pads and stamps...all centrally located. :) ready for me to get in there and USE them!
Thanks for looking.
and Anna mentioned in a previous post about not to throw out things...use them as giveaways...this had never occurred to me...yes the obvious I am the MOST dense about...anyway, I now have a box for such
be looking for a give away in the future..
Thank you Anna, for this heads up!


Anne said...

Ooooh! "Before" pictures! Can't wait to see the afters! You are soooooooo lucky to have such a wonderful, large space! :-)

~Barb~ said...

My studio isn't nearly as large but I need to rearrange to make better use of the space, too. I LOVE how you have so many different work spaces...I do that, too...that way we can work on 3-4 (or MORE) projects simultaneously. Woot!
Peace & Love,

ANNA said...

I love your studio - I used to have a large room (almost as big as yours) then when things went wrong and I had to move house I had down size to a tiny box room and it is a real tip but I love it!! We just fill the space we have.

I am going to keep an even better eye on your blog now so that I can be first in line for any giveaways!!! THanks for the mention!!

Anne said...

My bad! I thought that your art space was awfully clean and sparkly for being "before" pics! ~Whew!~ Looks great!

Jane B. said...

What a lovely room you have - can't wait to see the next developments! Have you seen the Somerset Studio "Where Women Create" magazine? Lots of luscious ideas...

Diane said...

What a wonderful studio. I'd love to have all that room!

Linda East said...

You are a lucky girl...I think your studio looks great...You know as soon as you give something away or throw it away you will need it...happens every time

Altered Route said...

OMGoodness!! I wanna come play at your house!! It's not that far away , you know!!
Lucky you to have such a wonderful artspace!