Wednesday, January 14, 2009

SJ dreamweave page

Today I finished creating the dream weave prompt from SJgroup.

We put words to strips and wove them into a page.
What I am reminded to took away from this exercise is that words are powerful.
They leave an imprint, good or bad.
We are placing words into place that represent our dreams or our passions, or what we want to accomplish.
All good powers to be in place.
In my instance I chose a few words that represent actions or nouns for, friends, good things to come...this kind of meaning.
Where I repeated the same words over and over then watched them be weaved into a page the process emulated their be be a positive force within my psyche.

I didn't decorate my page, kept it simple to represent me...I am a simple kind of gal...still the process left a positive imprint for me weave the beliefs within my spirit and take forth on my journey in that family, friends, work, or my creative self.

We all need to keep positive thoughts in the forefront of our minds to keep our spiritual journey going forward.
Thank you Kathryn for keeping me inspired...I so much enjoy our group!
get the past prompts and visit others in the creative group.

You won't be disappointed! You will be inspired!!


Anne said...

Hi, Mar! I like how your dreamweaver page turned out. It seems to me to be another way to visualize your dreams ... seeing them repeated and intertwined. Very nice! :-)

Jane B. said...

Cool use of velum, and weaving words both in and out of the regular pattern - very nice!