Thursday, July 24, 2008

Soul Journaling Continues

I am catching up with the SJ group.
We are customizing the next 2 pages, I think we are on page 7-8, day 11 or it might be 12. Anyhow, we are working on our safe environment.
Home is my safe environment.
I have had several homes and each one feels safe for me.
I am happy wherever I call home so one place will be as good as the other.
I chose my current place.
We live in the barn made over into living quarters.
The wing off to the side are the dog kennels. They are our live at home children.
The silos are my they represent the neighborhood.
What makes me happy is my studio is in the same building.
JR and Jenn live just a few miles away and that keeps my core family unit close by. Hannah, Charlie, Steven and Triston are the grandchildren.
I named everything with my decoration, which I used the telephone book pages and they are the lines of the buildings...(the bones).

We have awesome sunrises and sets around here...they tend to have an orangey glow to them.
We grow and harvest grass for seed and hay.
The colors i have started represent the sky and the grass.
Silos are metal and welded together in the mosaic represents the construction for them.
Welcome my home.

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