Saturday, July 19, 2008

DeSmet Art Showcase Show

This weekend 4 artisans got together and put on a sidewalk showcase of artwork for sale.
We intended to take advantage of the Laura Ingles Wilder Homestead pageant that is going on this weekend, and the influx of tourist to the town to visit.
Yesterday we set up.
We are, Janet Carroll, works with metal and lampworks beads to make jewelry, and is involved with me doing other shows. (Ours is the middle tent)
Carol Green from Mellett SD is a fabulous mixed media artist.
One of my favorite combinations that she brought, is painting on a slice of a tree (walnut, oak) stained and then she has the painting, in this case pheasants, framed in feathers (pheasant feathers) just lovely!!! and textural.
She will take eggs and use them with a thicker product (looks like plaster to me) and build the "mountains" then she painted the carving from mount Rushmore over the egg...incredible.
Her use of mixing elements is done with a delicacy that evokes the gentleness of the woman herself.
Diane worked in fibers. She crochets, knits and embroiders like the women of our ancestors onto pillowcases and towels. She works off her own sketches and keeps the needle work alive. Lovely work from all of them!

I didn't attend today and I won't tomorrow because of my "other" jobs.
These pictures show our "store" on a lot lent to us by Diane...Thank You Diane ;-)

The lady with the long dark hair with the camera...was photographing us too...come to find out for a newspaper article! very cool!!! exposure is everything.
The stylish little girl with the orange jumper...her mom...and her dad looking at Carols booth, were from South Africa!!!!
They come a long way to South DAKOTA!

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