Saturday, July 19, 2008

SJ-pg 5-6

Connie that didn't work so well for me...I wrote out my addition to the edit on the last journal post and added my picture

only the picture went to the top and didn't stay with the post.

I couldn't even get it to delete...i am computer challenged... :-(


I DID get pg 5-6 done.. yea (i am on the same page with our challenge group now!)
I am not sure what we are doing with the tape but we all get to find out tomorrow...
it is such a pretty picture we can see it 2 times

In the meantime go to Connies Blog THE ALTERED ROUTE well worth the trip!

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Christy said...

Love that painters tape. Drat I really wish I had some of it for my pages too. I love how you did your 'a' for the inchies pages. Love that it is sideways. My eye goes straight to it. But that could also be because it is red!