Thursday, July 17, 2008

Soul Journaling Challenge In addition to viewing a terrific blog Sarah is challenging Soul Journaling. Read about the experience on Sarahs blog and follow the participants as our journals take shape. I played catch up so my pictures and blogging will look all together as 1. It took me a couple of days to catch up and I only did because she gave us 2 days for page 2, which i am still not finished the details but it is affixed.

The purpose of this activity is to re-claim our journals and motivate us to practice what we might teach/preach/or learn to become journalers. It is also a thinking project. So go read all about the project and then join in the activity and learn more about the practice and perhaps yourself but definitely follow along.
Day 1
Pick out a journal. I am using a small 4 x 5 book I made a while back. The pages aren't as heavy as water color paper but heavy enough for decorating in a journal.
Tear up pages (such as from a old dictionary, magazine...) and glue to pages.
Write your feelings for the day and then dry brush with gesso. (Use a dry brush dipped into gesso then brushed over the pages) to obliterate or mask the words. Leaving as much to show as you want or none.
Day 2
On page 1 we make the book ours with our name filling the page. Page 2 is really for the next day Day 3. We add our artist armour. Sarah gave us links to pull images of armour we could print for this exercise.
I have mine cut out and in place.
I now need to decorate my armour...

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