Thursday, July 17, 2008

Lecture and Demo

The Red Hatter's came to the studio for their outing activity. The date was set several weeks ago with a probable attendance of 6-8 members. I would explain the different processes I used for teaching classes and creating artwork. I am most familiar for working with glass and they wanted to learn about the other media I worked in as well. Monday a call came that there are 17 currently signed up for the outing. This is fine as I have a large studio and I can accommodate many bodies, only I did not have enough chairs to accommodate seated bodies.

I forgot to get a picture of the attendees of which 24 were counted!

This picture shows the table of interest to show and tell and then I demonstrated how I mix the mixture that I use as paint for glass and I showed how to solder. The rest of the lecture comprised different classes I offered and what a person can expect to come out of the class with.

2 women approached me for lecturing their women's organizations and 2 others are interested in class taking.

PLUS they left a tip!

This might can be something big!!!!

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peggy gatto said...

Fabulous space! Continued successssssssss!