Friday, November 23, 2007

Church Unit Over Alter

This is the unit over the alter that is going to dictate the other 8 windows.
The amber-brown border, the cream border that also flows into the Fleur-De-Li's, the lime, and the blue border will be used in all 8 windows for unity.
The centers are going to have the same surround as how the center is shown in this picture, without the top element. Only there is going to be painted medallions, where 8 different scenes of the bible will be stained and enameled.
The techniques for staining and enameling the glass that I use are the 'masters old world' techniques that are fired into the glass using a kiln.
The "paints" are finely crushed glass chips that have fluxes and minerals and ores added for pigment.
As the flux burns out the chips and minerals of color fuse into the glass.
The glass used in this old panel were Chicago Artglass and this manufacturer is no longer producing.
The closest match I will be using, if the sheets I ordered for samples are a harmonious match, are Kokomo and Youghegeny.
Unless you work in glass these companies aren't going to mean anything to you.
At the present time I am measuring out for the measurements of the given windows, their borders to determine how much glass is going to be used from these manufacturers and try to get a idea of cost, so I can give the church their estimate.
More later.

Sunday, November 18, 2007


I am feeling especially fortunate lately.

My work is selling in the galleries faster than I can make the pieces.

I went for a meeting to talk about church windows.
What could be done, helping the group make selections for designs and overall unity for theme. 8 windows comprise the surround of the chapel.
There is a lovely unit over the alter.
Has flourishes in the corners and touches throughout the design around a center that could have been a medallion but didn't have anything painted there. The 8 windows, it was decided would have the mimic of the design from the alter window and surround the room with the center of the 8 windows to have painted depictions from the bible in a timeline around the room.
This much was decided today, that and that I will be doing them!!!

I got the job!

Over the next couple of weeks I will draft the overall design and color it somewhat so they can get a feel for the finished unit.
And have samples of glass sent that might match what is in the alter unit.

From there I draft the scenes that I will be painting for the centers of their choice of bible story.

This is excellent for Janet, who will be apprenticing the job.
She is very excited to be involved and will learn so much.

She will for sure be good at grinding the glass edges by the time we are completing the 8th unit!
More to come on this topic for sure.

Saturday, November 17, 2007


These ornaments are beautiful. If a person thinks... oh just squirting some paint into the ornament and you get these fabulous results.

Think again!

There is more to thisthan meets the eye.

1. Squirt the paint into the ornament. A couple of different colors, somewhat separated.
(A good quality glass ornament will give you the best results)
(The better the quality of paint line you use will determine the hue of the colorful results. I used Golden and they are expensive!)

2. Tip the ornament side to side, to get the paint going then place it back into a cradle.
(The box it came in is perfect)

3. Turn the ornament every 20-30 minutes or so...and keep that up until it has the swirled effect you want.
Babysitting the ornament is the time consuming part.

4. Take an old paper towel center and place it into the garbage, then turn the ornament upside down onto the center opening and let the excess paint drip out.

5. Then I placed the ornament into a ceramic dish, but I had another dish ready with a paper towel.

With a heat gun or hair dryer, work the heat over the ornament. Do not get carried away heating the ornament. If you get the glass too hot it will crack or break, and if you get the paint too hot it will separate from the glass.
This is a gentle heating process and takes a lot of time.

After each heat cycle place the ornament open end to the paper towel, and let the heated paint drip out until the ornament is cool, then place it back onto the paper towel center in the garbage, and let rest there awhile.

Repeat this process until it isn't dripping any more.

It still is not dry, It needs to rest awhile, while you do other ornaments...come back to doing the process on the done ornaments until you think they ARE dry.
(This process is not quick, but the results are stunning.)
I hope you enjoy the effects as much as I do.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007


Hathor is the Goddess of Taurus.

I chose her for the skinny book page because I am Taurus.

The Sun is her planet.

She has the face and ears of a cow.

She carries a Si strum, musical instrument, at the bottom of the handle is the Ankh symbol, where this symbol begins.

She predates the Egyptian era.

Her sacred colors are Malachite and Lapis blue.

Like Venus, she is all about Love and those emotions. She has strong ties with governing creativity and strength.

She is patient, but has her limits.

I had bigger plans for my page however, the hospital stay limited what I could do with her. So she left me like this in her single draft stage.

Her gown is green for the Malachite influence. It is sheer as a Goddess is not shy about her "body". I think that even though she has a 'cow' influence governing her her face, she is still of our image.

Her crown is gold and holds the horns of the Bull, with the planet Sun atop. The cobras symbolize her strength.

She isn't "finished", but I like what I did under the circumstances. I hope the recipients like her just the same.

Sunday, November 11, 2007


My plan was to next post the picture of the piece I sent for the skinny pages swap. Goddess Hathor. I am so behind.

All my galleries want pieces for the Holiday season.
Being in the hospital has really been a drag.
I finally go in 3 days!!! to get this last tube out, which I will not miss a bit.

Next Sunday I meet with a church committee wanting windows.
If that goes well I might have a nice job for the winter.
Wish me luck there.

I am also writing a grant to help a woman (Janet) apprentice for learning everything glass.
I hope we get that grant, it will take her a good ways into her education, as glass is a very expensive medium to work with.
If I get the church job that will be so perfect for her to work on and she will learn so much.

So much happens around here I couldn't even begin to put it all down we are a busy bunch.

Poor little Snorty, my newest puppy to the flock, a black Labrador. The sweetest natured little thing...she was walking with Craig around the North edge of the field and went just through the fence edge and someone had set a trap (illegally), her paw got it, not terrible bad but bad enough. She is limping heavy today. I am not amused.
John, one of Craig's friends is going to try and find the culprit.
Not that anything will be done about him but, he might will know WE know all about his little no no...and will we or won't we report him.

Next post I AM posting Hathor. And her story of course.
Anyone getting her page, I didn't write much on the back because my hand had the IV hookup inserted in such a fashion that writing was painful.
I could do some painting, not much, so I am glad the pages painting for the most part were done before I had the visit to the hospital.

I am proud that I had mine mailed ON TIME.

So...see ya

Friday, November 2, 2007


I had my final IV antibiotic today.

My hand is so happy to be rid of that needle apparatus. Hopefully it killed everything it was supposed to.

After my nap I will put the finishes to Hathor and post her. I notice I get visitors but not many people say hello....I am thinking they just want the pictures.

A hello would be nice.

Thursday, November 1, 2007


Today was the deadline to mail out the skinny pages for the swapping to begin.

Mine are mailed.

Dianna (the Creamery Gallery owner) and I discussed the happenings for the book signing the Friday after Thanksgiving. I hope this has a nice turnout.

The lady is local to Platte, and she and her husband refurbished an old working farm to the 1800's period.
They have special activities like "tea's" and other social kind of programs for educating and the interested. Now if I can remember her name....
Yeah I will learn it before the event, I am professional that way.

Tomorrow is the final IV day... I can hardly wait to have my hand back. :-)