Wednesday, October 31, 2007


My Skinny Book swap pages are completed!

When I get home tonight, after work, then after my IV...I will spray them to seal them
then tomorrow I can pack them up and OFF they GO!

I doubt I will be doing another swap anytime soon, they are time consuming!

I need to focus on preparing and completing new work to present at the Dacotah Prairie Museum in August.

Paper Transformed by Julia Andrus arrived yesterday. Really good book for technique and inspiring for student ideas.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007


I am certain that I will be on time with the Goddess swap pages.
I am glad.

Making commitments are important to fulfill as described.
I know I have a "good" excuse for either an extension, or some kind of compensation, however the rules requested that there be no exceptions, so I have NO excuses.
In the "real" world there are never exceptions to deadlines.
This is a policy that should be followed in every aspect of "doing".

These exercises are good for many reasons.
They help keep the creative juices going and trying new techniques are encouraged.
To me, they help train the up coming young artist to prepare themselves for deadlines.
I think that part of the exercise is the key component.

These may not be the reasons at all for having these swaps, other than to get an idea of what people might do.

At any rate, I will be on time.

I am not sure if we are supposed to wait to post our project to the blog, until they have been mailed off to the new recipient.

Be looking...she has turned out nice.

Sunday, October 28, 2007


Alright, I know I am droning on about the latest health issue but, I keep having additional issue's that make it impossible for me to move onward.
Friday morning I spoke to my surgeons nurse about the hives and itching and swelling issues involved in the drug reaction category.
Having had these reactions several times past in my long life, I knew what I was dealing with.

I took the usual remedy, and the reaction become under control but, we needed to deal with deciding which drug was the culprit.
Since the pain drug he had prescribed listed the exact reactions we went with that drug to drop.

We didn't add another pain drug, I have a strong tolerance to pain so we left it to my mind control practice to deal with that. If any more problems arose then phone the ER # and ask for the Dr on call from their firm, he wasn't my surgeon but he was going to be apprised to the situation.

Friday night I began experiencing a stronger version of the reactions and I was worried that the next step, if I couldn't get it all under control, was a visit to the ER only at this time I wouldn't be able to talk.
So, I phoned my report in to the nurse in the ER so should I need to call the DR later someone had an account of my evening. She was quite short with me and I find her unprofessional mannerisms quite offensive, for which I do plan to report to 'my' original Dr.
So, after laying awake all night to make sure I didn't fall asleep and stop breathing, I phoned the ER again to get hooked up to the Dr on call.

He phones back, we decide that I shouldn't take the antibiotic, and that his only choice now, since the original surgeons choice of antibiotic was such a strong one, was to place me on an antibiotic for which I would need to receive by transfuse in the hospital, everyday, for 7 days! OH JOY.
So that is where I am in my recovery post.
Going to the ER in town at the least, to receive my antibiotic, that kills everything nearly he informed me... so i should be good and clean when this is over with.

Update on my skinny pages, they are coming along well. There probably won't be much embellishment to them, just be mostly a painted page.
I hope whoever receives them might enjoy them just the same.
I re-read the rules and I am unclear if I am to have the pages TO Belinda by 11/1 or MAILED by 11/1?
I am going with mailed out by 11/1 cause I can make that.

well paint would be dry enough to move onward so out to the studio I go for 1 hour then, the hospital. yiipppeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Thursday, October 25, 2007


Saturday evening I ate some pizza, an item that is not on my diet, but I love love love pizza.
It was yummy.
Later in the evening I experienced that normal burn I sometimes get, ate a Rolaids.
This time that remedy wasn't working.

Everything I tried, that worked before, wasn't.
I became sicker and sicker. Okay let's just throw up and get this over with...I did...I just know better is around the corner. NOT!!

I became sicker and sicker. I am now thinking it is appendicitis and time to visit the ER. Craig takes me to our small town Hospital, that isn't equipped for surgery, so I am ambulanced to the next larger town and they examine me.

After the battery of test, ex ray, blood withdrawal...and that is considerable. They decide Gall Bladder, and it isn't pretty.

Seems I have had this problem many years and ignored that "official" treatment was needed, I can't believe they don't recognize Rolaids as treatment!

So I am prepped for surgery...where I meet the anethesist (I am having issues with the spelling of this word), whom is quite "chunky" and he has the nerve to call me "obese" in front of me no less.
I did politely, correct him 2 times as a matter of fact, PLUMP would be the correct term. !

But, I was a good patient getting all the tubes inserted and plugs where they go, and surgery proceeds.

They tell Craig, and I find out today show HIM pictures, of the scenario.
I have yet seen any pictures.

The Gallbladder was totally fried, hasn't been "in" service for a LONG time. He had to repair the duct that goes into the GI tract, and I am now mending well.
I was released last night and I am happily HOME!

Back to that anethesist...I must have been harboring a few resentments for him, apparently when I was coming out of anethseia, I decked him.
I am not a violent person, in fact I am rather sweet...not that I couldn't hold my own IF I needed to...A-hem.
Sorry m'dear.

Anyhow, I have to add his drug of choice to my "don't give Mary" list.

I have to say, even though I am sore from the invasion to my body, I feel so much better!

Okay, moral...don't ignore the symptoms...they only get worse. After addressing the issue, you will feel better.
Even if your issue is incurable, the 'treat the symptom' fashion will help gestate the disease on an easier level to help with the body comfort zone.

Find a decent Dr. and GO!

I am feeling rather slow after all this, and it is touch and go with the swap deadline thing (the skinny book swap). I am sorta afraid of Belinda, amd I don't want to disappoint her, the group or myself, and I firmly believe in honoring a commitment.

I am going to give it my all to get the skinny pages finished, I am very close to done.
THEN, if I really need any extra time it will only be 2 days max, and I can't see her not extending me 2 days, being as I think surgery is kinda a valid 'excuse'...we will see.

Most likely I will BE done ON time and the worrying about the deadline will become mute.
Usually I over worry a deadline and am done on time, I am sure this will be no different.

But, still she is scary. (In a good way, she makes the individual be responsible,and stimulates the creative level, actually, I believe her to be an excellent instructor) !

so, onward ho...

Wednesday, October 17, 2007


of box 1
Depicts the logo of a woman who has incorporated it into everything about "her". Stationary, invitations, plates, plastic ware...everything! for many years.
She rescued her first Needle nose Whippet, 'Hagar' 30 or more years ago and has since rescued many Greyhounds. Currently she has 2 Needle nosed Whippets and a Chocolate Labrador as house guests, depicted on the mailbox.
I am sure this is stretching but, I rather hope either Susan or BB will leave a comment about the box on this blog.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007


It is but a challenge day to day.

Looking for ways to creatively stretch the dollar or looking for ways to get into the studio and create.
Then there is always someone around the corner to upset the motion of things, and "issue".
Usually they are sneaky. Too gutless to draw face to face.

Let's discuss our idiot ex-dentist still practicing in town.
She gets all bothered because she cannot replicate the apparatus that Craig uses in his mouth, therapy for TMJ, that she broke.
Craig gave her ample tries to achieve the task but, she failed.
So, Craig walked out.
She lost his files and then accused him of stealing them!
Stupidly we just blew her off. (learn from others mistakes)

A year and half!!! later she has a warrant out for Craig's arrest petty theft! of the lost file.

This has been laying at the court house for a year!!! like they do not know where he lives to apprehend him and drag him into custody.
He only finds out about this charge when he goes to renew a license and there is the charge on the books...this is not right, but it is what it is.
For which next Tuesday he has to go to court and plead his innocence.
Notice I say plead, because how do you "prove" such a charge?

Now this woman not only roams the streets, practices medicine but, she gets to vote as well.
I just can not believe what our country has fallen to become.

So, we creatively try to juggle the path of our day to day challenges.

I am running low on creative juices.

Sunday, October 7, 2007

NO TIME precious!

I have not had any time to work in the studio.

I have a job working at a lodge kennel. For those who don't know kennel work is time consuming.
A lot needs to be addressed to keep it up and adequately sanitized.
Dogs need a lot of attention.
These are hunting dogs, and the season is here so, most of them hunt regular enough that I am not required to give run time, which is another timely process.
We have 3 puppies that need to be worked with to teach them their lessons for manners and begin their learning for their hunting skills.

I have been trying to get all the extra duties caught up since come Tuesday the husband will be gone! and it works out that I have 3 days in a row at the gallery, then off. Coinciding with Craig's departure, leaving 4 FOUR WHOLE days of quality studio time. Which if I have caught myself up with the kennel upkeep's,
will give me but basic duties at the kennel
leaving huge blocks of time for the studio.

I have 3 ongoing commission paintings all due at the same time!
this huge block of time I am anticipating, should move me along greatly with these task.

Commission 1 is a night rough sea, due for a Christmas present., I have started this piece.
Commission 2 is for 2 mailboxes, 1 of a ladies logo
1 of a Mermaid
Commission 3 a portrait, done in collage style.
Commission 4 2 readied journals..These take longer than a person might think to get done.

Plus the 12 pages of the Goddess, for the arts swap.

In addition, I need to get Holiday pieces to my Galleries who represent my work.

Busy time.

Hunters arrive 3rd weekend of October and it WILL be crazy then.
I cook the midday meal, then head to the gallery in town for an afternoon shift.
Ms. Dianne is going to work up a schedule to work around my midday duties.
Thank you Ms Dianne!

I won't forget pictures this time.