Monday, June 1, 2015

Behind the Scenes Part ONE!

A LOT has been going on since we had this retreat last year!

I took a very involved course on how to create an on-line class.
I wanted to offer a course, not just a lesson.
And I am currently developing this class.

How to Build Scenery For YOUR Painted Story

If you were like I was when I first began using acrylics, I didn't use everything to gain the best results in my paintings.
The paintings were well executed, just the painting with the products (or lack of product) part was not all it could be.
I wasn't utilizing the mediums.

These lessons help with this as well as help you gain better range, or give you some practice without having to "think" about what you want to practice.

We scenery.
There will be ongoing course segments, the first is the approach for trees, grass and rocks.
Later I will introduce "skies" and the "water features"...elements of nature is what this course will address.

After several lessons we pull it all together for a final approach.

Each lesson gives you PDF's to study and videos with me directing your through the lesson.
Videos you access when you wish and as often as you wish.

I offer a one on one approach and email accessibility for any questions you might need addressing.

If you need some one-on-one advice, we can approach this live!, through a google hangout!
Isn't that the coolest!!

This is by appointment, emails offer a answer for your question in a timely manner and we have a group on line where we share our lesson results and conversation questions and approaches to painting, in a group environment.

Class is due to launch in JUNE!


Mary Schweitzer said...

Sounds wonderful!

Lay Hoon said...

Congratulation for the new class launch !

Mar said...

Thank you Lay Hoon and Mary I am very excited working on the last segment of this part of the series pulling rocks grass and trees together for one scene :)