Monday, October 8, 2012

Take the Lampshade Construction tour

 Step 4..after cutting the pieces and then laying them side by side and adding the tape..then raise the shade into a cone shape and add the disc.

 cut metal pieces for the butterflies..they will be solder sculpted and added to the outside

 here they are added...on stand choice for the buyer number 1

 stand choice number 2

 and stand number 3...this is my choice...shown lit with the cascading butterflies back lit

 view of the shade showing the cascading butterflies unlit

here i had added the cascading butterflies on the inside.  The reason i have from the inside is they are cut from a more delicate metal that can tear if handles too to resist that temptation they are inside the shade.

how to construct a lampshade...more or less.

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