Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Packing Packages...WHAT a JOB!

 This bunch of packages is a huge! panorama of Chad Phillips (SD imagery photographer out of Sioux Falls SD) of buffalo in Custer; and the wonderful forged candelabra with the mouth blown candle cups that everyone enjoyed visiting...headed to MI now.
If you don't remember these things and want a refresher they are pictured on the Stagecoach Gallery page
shown on march 3 2012

 This awesome barrel table that Jr Hunt rescued the barrel from the embedded dirt clean it up and reconstructed, then made the polished cement topper...sold
along with:
 the really nice restored Hoosier kitchen Cheri Antonson did...will be delivered tonight by my AWESOME delivery team: Jr Hunt and Shawn Anderson...to a Lodge outside of town.
WE ALL thank them for their support!

ALSO in the packing works are boxes for mailing! to: MI, IA, and NV!!!!

this is the last packaging to do...the lamp a few posts down of the cascading butterflies I explained the process for...has a new home!

SO it has been BUUUUSSSSYYYYY preparing all these things the last few days so they all make it safely to their new destinations!

NOW...to finish my Christmas projects and begin the next lamps shade!

thanks for visiting :-)


Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I am in awe of all these wonderful pieces you have in your shop. Packing and shipping can take FOREVER. I remember when I was doing swaps, it would take me all day to get the containers labeled and stamps on the packages. You probably use meter mail or print your own labels, though.

I really love the cabinet. Is it a real Hoosier? If so, it will have a metal plate at the top with the Hoosier brand. I have two of these cabinets. One holds a flour bin and one holds a pie safe (left side of each cabinet). Neither were Hoosier brand, but both had the roll top and look very similar to that one. The metal tables are about the same condition as mine, too. I love my two, and I bet the lodge will love this one.

Rolex Shedlore said...

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Mar said...

yes elizabeth this is a hoosier
it is a wilson kitchen cabinet
has everything in it too...great buy for the person!