Thursday, October 25, 2012

First Snow 2012

It doesn't look like much now...or so pretty as it did coming down and covering everything at 1 am...but this documents our first snow of 2012!

Onto further delights...I have been painting some wineglasses, preparing for the wine walk The Stagecoach Gallery is participating in with the other town stores.

I KNOW everyone who does this walk will HAVE to come into the store, enter for the prize of this event, they have to have ALL the participating stores clicked on their ticket...mmmmuaaaaaahhhhhaaaaaa
that will get them in!

Their senses will be over delighted too, with all this gorgeous work hanging and laying about!

I digress...the glasses so far:

These are a blue/brown/green kinda teal ish color with some gold outline detailing...they look really pretty with Julie Windler's pottery dishes!

A little blurry but, you can still tell what this is...pheasant feathers!...I did this glass more to appeal to the visiting hunters...

I think you can tell what this is?? a tornado! why did I do a tornado you might ask??
I am fascinated with them...!!! I know they are destructive and scary and not nice of mother nature...however it is an element of nature and I am so drawn to the elements of nature.
Lightening fascinates me too...
The glasses also is possible in Platte, SD..and it must be so,  because it says so on the water tower!

[The Pheasant painting in the back is painted by Sandy Nelson, of Platte...the cool old desk the glasses sit on was brought in from Cheri Antonsen]

I have others in the works too...

I never (and never say never...) considered or thought I would EVER work with HOBBY! paints...gah never...but those things are quite delightful...not nearly as expensive either...go get some!

These paints..Pebeo...paint on the glass or ceramic...and then you fire them in the OVEN!
the household oven..nothing toxic just place em in...turn the oven on ..let it get to 300...timer for 30 minutes...Cut it off ..let it naturally cool...done!

LOVE that stuff...

the glasses are but 12.50..very affordable if you ask me!

Thanks for dropping by!


wanda miller said...

every place in every city NEEDS a store like YOURS...this is FABULOUS!

Mar said...

thank you miss wanda...i love its vast variety i have such talent and range within these walls...thankyou for YOUR
fabbulouss works! :D