Monday, October 22, 2012

Soggy Morning

I LOVE the fog...all mysterious.   When it gets foggy these trees remind me of a tunnel.
Like taking a trip to another place or time.

There was a little story book that JR use to love have read to him and then he would read it to me...the Foggy Morning...only he couldn't say fog he said it became the soggy morning.

In VA there was quite a few soggy morning/days (we lives so close to the water)
 and we would stand at the door looking for Craig to either leave or be coming back in...and Jr would stand there in his little one piece rig with Brutus on one side and Ruthanne on the other tails wagging in sync just waiting...every now and then JR would sigh and say it is sure soggy...can dah find the way...

It is looking pretty defined where I am coming up on it
but it is really more like this..

and denser...

like looking past the gate there you can't see anything across the road...

I wonder where the tunnel will take me today...?

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