Wednesday, October 19, 2011

WIP buffalo

My desire to paint is returning, and i am in a buffalo kind of mood.  I found a board I had painted long ago and repainted it a neutral tone.
Then lined in a buffalo

I wanted texture TEXTURE! so I mixed up some plaster.
and added it to the canvas.

while it dried i added some paint to the fellas face and horns..then added some more plaster.

this is how he ended for the first day..
fairly roughed in and as you can see a lot of texture...which made me happy...I had to stop since the children were arriving for mom to go to do the supper shift at the nursing home...but I had a full day...we don't want to over do it just getting back to it..:D


Anonymous said...

Loved watching the process of making this amazing piece! Came out totally awesome<3 WOW!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing this Mar,
I love the texture look myself.
This one esp. gives you the allusion of wood.. Very cool!
xo Darlene

Mar said...

thank you!