Friday, May 13, 2011

Pheasant Series of 3

I worked up a series depicting Pheasant behaviour on the prairie during the spring.  The work is mixed-media...using a method for transferring images similar to developing film.  The chemicals involved and techniques are from Dass...and the results are amazing.  I use Arches 88 paper for the photography...and then I enhance the whole picture using Golden acrylic products.
The first in the series is "The Stand-off"
The second is the dance "Cock-fight"
The third is "Stands Alone"

The colors for their feathers is amazing this time of year.

I have them offered on Etsy.

They would make an awesome addition to any Hunting Lodge...or any decor for that matter..or be perfect for Fathers day.

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MrCachet said...

These are really neat! The first thing I thought of was a portrait done by (I believe) L. A. Huffman of an Indian named Stands Alone.