Thursday, June 10, 2010

New was session one

Shayla is a freshman in high school...loves to sketch and draw..but wants some help learning to mix colors and use a

we began today learning some of the basic block building stuff

i introduced her to paints and she got a feel for mixing and how to use her brush some...working up 3 backgrounds to use in the next session...on 3 different substrates.

Her blue background is on acrylic paper, the middle background is canvas, the third background is watercolor paper.
She also made a simple easy sew book but I forgot to get a picture.
I think she had a good time and i hope i didn't bombard her with too much information in the session.
I was exhausted when i was done so i do believe i imparted with a fair amount of information!
I haven't taken the pictures of my class projects from art and soul VA yet....
thanks for coming by


Lay Hoon aka mescrap said...

Congratulates for the class.
I wish I can attend too.

Christy said...

Geez that looks like fun. Too bad I am so far away. She did good and it does look like she got a lot of information to use already. Love the heart candy box as stencil ;)

Bea said...

Really great basic information to learn. Have fun you too. :)Bea

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

It's so thoughtful of you to pass on your knowledge of color mixing and color theory to a member of the younger generation. It's always great when they are enthused and it looks like she is.

Anne Gaal said...

Hi, Mary! I agree! It looks like a lot of fun! I love how you (ya'll) taped down the pieces of paper she was working on, so that it wouldn't curl as it dried. She made some terrific backgrounds! And I also love that she used the heart box as a stamp! Love seeing all those happy art supplies in one place ... and the stained glass cross over on the other table for artmosphere! (Hope that guy gets the frame done, so you can move on to a new stained glass project!) Wish I could play too! :-)