Saturday, May 2, 2009

Working on Last Lesson

Beginning with a rather cool transferring technique using laminate sheets the images...we made a collage then sealed the back with gold leaf. Other's used gold leaf pen...I couldn't find mine (no surprise) so I gold-leafed..for real. The small piece shows the back.

Part of the steps involved are cutting doors in our pages. The collage will peek through and the final doors will have closures...if I can find mine. these might not

Testing the peek through look.

My surface is finally looking like I want...I am after a old stucco kind of Italian villa look. I am not done, but I think I am getting there. This is what I worked on the last couple of days when I had a few minutes in-between jobs...which I am headed to now...have a great weekend!


LaY hOoN said...

Beautiful !! So cool in appearance.

Janet said...

Beautiful technique! I love that last photo showing the old stucco look you're going after.

Anne said...

Hi, Mary! This looks great! I like the weathered look of the background! Very nice! :-)

Cathee said...

really enjoy your work!

Sarah Whitmire said...

Hey girl,
Awesome doors! It was such a delight having you in class. See you in the new Soul Journaling Yahoo group.



mary schweitzer said...

This is so cool! It really looks like an old building! Props to you my friend!

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

WOW, this is beautiful. I love the colors and texture. The doors are a great technique, too.

Linda said...

I love that last picture .... you've created a fantastic effect, well done.