Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Lesson Done

If you scroll down to the last post you will see what the page looked like last week.
There is a bit of change...I think.
I am after a old Tuscany or stuccoed look. The page is rather rough...which is what I wanted so I achieved that.
Then, I didn't really want a lot happening with the page...keeping it simple.
So we don't 'miss' our opportunities.

In the other post you will see the door open...I had it shown here in this post, but I lost it and I am just too tired to mess with the electronics...
The transfer was interesting, using laminate paper, the images and finishing off with gold leaf...I used the real gold leaf but it called for the spray or pen.

I have steps at the bottom of my door...that picture was in here too, but disappeared...leading up to the door of "Opportunities".

All in all I had a great time with Sarah's class...worthy class to take!


Anne said...

Hi, Mary! I really like how the page turned out! There is such a richness and depth in all the colors and textures. The greens, browns, golds, creams, and grays. I like the touches of shiny gold, too! Lovely page! :-)

Seth said...

This is looking great. I love the texture that can be seen in the enlargement.

Jacky said...

Your page has turned out beautifully...I have just been reading the previous posts about the doors etc. (so shame blogger "ate" those photos). Looks like a fabulous journal class.
I love the door effect. Might have to try that in my journal.

Jacky xox

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

This additional layering really does give an added dimension. You have a very gifted eye for color.

I had to enlarge the photo to truly appreciate the beauty of the piece. Your doors are very well hidden, too.

Linda East said...

Oh Wow Mary this is awesome...your layering is the texture..I bet you are the star student in this class.