Tuesday, August 5, 2014

An Overview of the Retreat...Finally!

The retreat was amazing! 
For the first time I think the turnout was great! 
And it cooled off enough to make the weather bearable for some outside assignments.

Everyone is arriving and meeting each other getting acquainted time.
They came from Houston Texas, Virginia, Wyoming and Local Gentry!

Then next couple of days was BUSY.  The classes packed a LOT of information into the space of time.

Chris is giving her instruction for Pastel Painting.

Their results from the class!!!

The Photography class took advantage of rolling in weather and went on location.

Back in the classroom Chad is going over what to do with their images.

Glass Staining corner.  On the palette she learned to make the lump for using in matting.  Typically, I use a different elixir for lines and that is also on the palette.  One of the tiles being worked up.

Ready to fire in the Kiln.

These are all the pictures I have off the camera.  From my phone, which I don't know how to transfer to the computer, are images we learned to do with Instagram.  Those hashtags are:
#sdartists  # sdart  #stagecoachgallery

I did not have any pictures of the watercolor class on the camera but, they are in the instagram # group on the stagecoach page on facebook.


Their feedback indicates they had a good time, learned a lot, and want to come again next year.

Thank you all the participants, and a special thank you to the teachers:

Chad Phillips ~ www.chadphillipsphotography.com
Chris Cernetisch ~ www.pastelchris.com
Bonnie Brahms ~ www.brahms-art.us.net
Mary Hunt ~ www.maryshuntstudio.com

We will be having one day workshops throughout the rest of the year until it is time again for the next retreat.

Slated for the 3rd weekend of June 2015.

I appreciate everyone following along and sharing the posts as we were getting the word out. 
Thank you!

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