Sunday, April 25, 2010

Prep for Intro-Glass Fusing

I am late late late...posting the process for this class.

This class was given through the Dacotah Prairie Museum in Aberdeen, South Dakota.
April 22-24

For the past 15 years they invite High School students interested
in art to this seminar to learn more on the subject through accomplished artists shown through the museum.

To prepare I made samples of their project.

Cut blanks they worked on decorating with glass powders and frits.

Shows decorated tile before firing in the kiln.

Tiles coming out of the kiln. You will see in another post the students work from that workshop.

The top picture of the necklace was demonstrated to show them where they can take their finished tile.
Glass drilled with holes and jump rings made to fit...created a wearable art piece.


Ophelia said...

Wonderful and amazing!!!

Sarah said...

Lovely work Mary!
The statue was made by my brother from a piece of driftwood.

Mary said...

These tiles are amazing!!
The necklace is fabulous!!
Did you make it???

Anne Gaal said...

Hi, Mary! I like seeing the work in progress at different stages. And the necklace is so pretty! :-)