Thursday, April 15, 2010

Film at 11:00!!

It has taken forever for me to get to this point! First, not everything I needed did I order with the camera...frustrating! (they should have a more complete list) but, the piece arrived and I finally filmed something.

THEN, all the 'fun' begins...NOT!

The program discs that were sent with the camera to work through editing and such tasks...a task as necessary as getting the film OFF the camera were so confusing. It took me 2 days to get the film off the camera...then editing oh shuuuure ...that wasn't happening.

Then I remembered I had a different program that I had ordered a long time ago when I was considering getting a camcorder... Corel VideoStudeo Pro X2...

I am removing those other programs!

This came with instructions! the Canon did not..these instructions have pictures! ThankYou! VeRy Much!

So here is my debut..How to Drill Glass...In the bazillion years of instructing glass of THE most frequent questions I have been presented with "how do you make holes in glass?"

Diamond tip bits, and water to keep the glass cool are the most important aspects of the process. This shows the simplest set up for single layer glass to be drilled..the thicker the glass the setups change however, this is a basic introduction to the process.

Now you can take those little pieces of found glass shards from a walk on the beach or park, drill them full of holes and incorporate them into all kinds of projects...from jewelry to decorating journals and fabric projects...lets go find some glass!...(hey or shells...)

I need to add that your hands remain dry while using the drill..just the tip of the drill bit is actually wet. Remain aware of what you are doing at all times so you prevent shocking yourself.

There are available foot operating pedals that you can use for turning the drill on and off, you may want to investigate one of these tools for other applications such as the grinder...they make excellent partners to equipment.

Be careful, if you do have any questions please do not hesitate addressing them here..

Thank you!


Sarah said...

Hi Mary!
I have wanted to know how to do this! Thanks. All I have to do now is buy a drill! I have a hand drill but I would need three hands.
Great video!

Anne Gaal said...

Hi, Mary! Woooo-hoooo! You are a VIDEO PRODUCER! Yay! It is soooo much fun to hear your voice! Great little demo video! Love it! :-)

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Wow, you are on your way. Now that you have learned to take videos and know how to edit, you are ready for the big time. Loved your voice, too.

Kerin said...

Woo hoo! Just came by to say hello before I approve your membership to the Mixed Media Art ning site.

Love your blog so I'm subscribing right this instant!!! Kind of short on time right now but I'll be back soon do some happy exploring.

Thanks Mary!

Anonymous said...

very interesting. thank you for sharing the info.

Ophelia said...

You Go GIRL!!!! Love it!