Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Glass Cross Commission

Follow me, we are going to go through the bones of a commission for glass.

The project is for a Cross that will be the form of the cross
mounted to the wall with back lighting.

Going in the Mont Funeral Home in Platte SD...

The cross is measuring 54 inches long...about 20 inches across each side.

In the initial meeting the discussion of colors for the glass begins the project..along with where it will go. How to place it where it goes and something about what they want to see.

Using a light box and color samples we begin the process of what colors are liked

Really all I got out of them in my initial meeting were some color choices.
She likes 5 colors and wants them in the project. 5 is a bit many to work into a decent design, so this was obstacle number 1.

number 2 is they have no idea what kind of design they want.

So, I have 4 designs. Shown are 4 designs and color schemes that may work for them. With 1 done in full pattern size.

A really pretty jeweled toned plum takes center stage in the full sized pattern. Flowing around the center are the other colors of fall she would like represented. Red, Navy, 2 choices of brown a light neutral shade and deeper brown.
Done in a kind of mosaic fashion.
An alternate mosaic border would be the true smaller version with a mixture of the color roaming around the center plum
this might be a nice pattern too
I was too tired to draw that today and may draw it this way tomorrow
although it is as easy to explain when presenting the patterns in conversation...
so i might be lazy and not draw that alternative...

This would also be well represented if she chooses just 2 of the 4 as well.


Lay Hoon aka mescrap said...

Thank you for showing us on the every step you take to make this piece of art-glass.
Love to see what's next.

Linda said...

This looks like being a lovely project. Very interesting to see the stages you go through; hope it goes well for you.
Looking forward to seeing the next set of pictures.....

MrCachet said...

This isn't the first piece of glass art you've done for a church or religious institution is it? How do you get this work? Don't misunderstand Mary. I thought you lived out in the country and word of mouth seems logical. You're also very good, so perhaps you don't need to advertise!

Anne said...

Hi, Mar! I can see you've been very busy making your designs! I can see where it would help to make a full-scale version with color for at least one, so they can get a true sense of it. Very cool stuff! :-)