Sunday, July 12, 2009

Western Living

Elizabeth at likes to introduce us to some of the older establishments in her area, as she has today.
Which has prompted me to post a homestead we came across when showing the area to our guest this week.
In our travels we went through Ideal, SD we are talking a small town, and I think this is the last of it, because there wasn't anything else to see there!
Notice how they curved the roof line up, and how close they built it to the ground!...there were 4 other to the ground buildings on the place, it is being used for pasture now.
In the day though, this was a large prosperous family.
They had a lot of wood in this house...hard to come by and expensive!
Not to mention several windows.
Then the cost to have raised the other buildings, so this family was doing well.
Or brought wealth with them from the East.
Our guest were a SIL Donna, her daughter our niece Kristy and her daughter our grandniece, Kendyl...they had a big time as did we..all together a whirlwind of 4 days!!
BUT, I just discovered...I DON'T work tonight!!! and I thought I YAY!
thanks for dropping by.


Anne said...

Hi, Mary! Nice picture! Makes you wonder what happened to the people that used to live there. Makes you wonder who did live there, what they did, whether they hung their laundry out on a line. Just gets you imagining things! :-)

Mary said...

Hi Mar,
I love old buildings, in fact I live in an old house (160yrs) There are not many left around here. When I visited my Uncle in North Dakota many years ago I loved staying in their little old house - it was recently torn down.

I heard you were in for some storms there abouts a few days ago. Hope all is well.


Diane said...

Hi Mary! What a wonderful picture. I love all the old buildings Elizabeth posts on her blog. She does some amazing things with them. Don't remember ever seeing a place built so close to the ground...Odd!
Hope all is well with you!
Hugs, Diane

teri said...

Gosh, living here in New York City is so different from out there. We visit Wyoming for a few weeks every summer because we need to get back to the land and ride horses and play in the dirt. I do love to look at older homes too -- just haven't seen one like this before.