Saturday, July 18, 2009

Some Stuff ...

LOTs goes on around here! If you remember the Creamery
(the gallery where I worked in town and showcased) closed.
I scored this really cool old case. The kind that you see pictured in the 1800's stores...perfect to showcase work and not keep it boxed up forgotten.

Then, harvesting the wheat has started...this is the combine showing what a dusty job it is!!

Here i am showing the difference in harvested and still standing.
They are nearly finished our produced fair numbers better than some of the other seed brands which is good...they might consider buying ours next year :)

Thanks for stopping in !


Anne said...

Hi, Mary! What a beautiful case! And look at all those lovely glass creations in it, too! Wow! Love the pics from the harvest! :-)

sallyt said...

OH, I'm so-o-o-o jealous of you with that fantastic old case. Our church is looking for one (maybe half as long) for our new art GALLERY!!

Funny coincidence - the sermon Sunday included details about how harvesting wheat is done outside so that the chaff blows away. (We are studying Judges and Sunday was about Gideon who peeked at the angel from the wine cellar where he was threshing wheat. (must have been horrible inside there!)

Your crop looks beautiful. Great pictures.

Diane said...

Very cool case and since I'm new to your blog, it gives me a brief overview of your glass work, which is wonderful!

Being a city girl, I have had my jaw drop at some of the farmland/animal pictures you have posted earlier, too! I'll be back!