Thursday, August 14, 2008

Getting Ready...

For this weekends art festival. Yankton River Boat days...I wonder if they have a riverboat??

here are a couple of projects I am finishing up

the bag is HUGE...a canvas shopping kind of bag I decorated...if it doesn't sell as it is
I will continue to embellish it when i get back
other wise it looks finished for sale. Side 1 and side 2.

And the collage earrings...I like the simple design and it feels a little elegant at the same time.
the charms dangle...they are fun!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Thank you everyone who comments. I appreciate all your feedback and it has helped me tremendously in the designing of my collage jewelry..which IS a spinnoff from the book Canvas Rem1x....excellent examples in her book!

I don't work any of my other jobs tomorrow. I have all my canvas charms ready to attach to chain and work into bracelets, necklaces, and now earrings!
Later when i visit my lovely daughter in law...I will have her model the choker and earrings. Then I can maybe, get a decent picture.

My goal is inventory for this weekends show in Yankton, SD. River boat Days. 3 day event art show and sale.

Taking glass fused dishes, the jewelry, and a canvas tote shopping bag...painted collage...yeah a picture forth coming...when it is about last minute!

pictures in another post...

Wednesday, August 6, 2008


Here is a necklace that will go with the bracelet below...I am getting close ups as the best I can...the charms are not huge...about 1/2 or a smidge bigger for the most of them
a few are a bit larger.
The color is a lot brighter too...little mini collage pieces.

and a second necklace...the closeup shows my wire work...
I am using copper and giving it an aged patina look.
Both of these are a longer 20 in and 22 inch but I did a chocker as well that is full of the charms like the bracelets.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Tah Dah

Jewelry!!! I haven't made up jewelry in forever!! Reading the book I just bought Canvas Re-Mix..I saw the project for canvas i made some...then made some jump rings and affixed them to some chain...made a catch and here is the result. I think it is cute as can be.

Little mini collage paintings as charms. Lightweight so i added some copper metal cutout charms. I have already sold 2 with matching I might have a hit!


Soul Journal update..

Here is what I have so far of the soul journals spread pages 1 and 2. Using Sarah's stencil method. I take images from a magazine and use them as a stencil. We made lists on our pages and added 2 has my hand traced 7 times I used another image and sewed it onto the page...and I used crayon for a word...then did the blog of paint close the book page to capture the is what I have done thus isn't finished...but I need to move on or I will never catch up and I am really anxious to see everyone eles's work...

then get back to my journal.


this might be a better picture for this page...


Morning.....time to post some catch ups beginning with the soul journal spreads. I am still behind with them but i am going to post the beginning of the next phase of the spreads. Page 1-2. The beginning of the stencil process.

And the magazine pieces I used.

Sunday, August 3, 2008


Catching up! I have begun the page 1 and 2 part of our next spread...and it is coming along
but it doesn't feel finished yet for me.

I am also working some charms for bracelets I am going to try and sell at the next show I am involved in, River Boat Days in Yankton SD.
Taking direction and inspiration from the newest book I am using, Canvas Re-Mix...and I will re correct this once I look at the title again. Take left over pieces of scrap and make charms. So simple...I don't know why I can't think of these simple things.

Last night I made some jump rings from copper wire. You can try to saw off too many at a time. I suggest working small pieces of wire for say 10 jump rings at a time. I went for the long piece and tried to do like 50 at a pop...not a smooth move. BUT I have jump rings!

I started cutting small pieces of scrap flat sheet copper I have, into little geometric shapes to mix up on the charm bracelets and give a little weight. ALSO, in that pile of cool stuff I found 2 small keys I am going use as charms too.

I think these will turn out cute and possibly sell. I like eclectic stuff...there MUST be another person that will go for the look too....