Thursday, August 14, 2008

Getting Ready...

For this weekends art festival. Yankton River Boat days...I wonder if they have a riverboat??

here are a couple of projects I am finishing up

the bag is HUGE...a canvas shopping kind of bag I decorated...if it doesn't sell as it is
I will continue to embellish it when i get back
other wise it looks finished for sale. Side 1 and side 2.

And the collage earrings...I like the simple design and it feels a little elegant at the same time.
the charms dangle...they are fun!


thismuseofmine said...

Wow- Your canvas bag is YUMMY! The color are delicious. It looks so rich and luxurious.

Anne said...

The canvas bag is gorgeous! I love the blues and the copper colors especially. The colors really are so rich and vibrant! Wonderful! :-)

trisha too said...

that bag is beautiful!

(the 11 yr-old son just looked over my shoulder and said it's interesting--high praise indeed from him!)

arlene said...

Great earrings! Very fun!

xo arlene

Scrappy Cat said...

The earring is really pretty, but I just adore the bag - it's absolutely GORGEOUS! Did you use sequin waste? I need to get some of that.

notmassproduced said...

love your jewellery and thatnks for the wonderful comment on my blog. will be back here soon :o)

Dianne said...

gorgeous bag,and your jewlery is very funky ans kool love them too..