Sunday, August 3, 2008


Catching up! I have begun the page 1 and 2 part of our next spread...and it is coming along
but it doesn't feel finished yet for me.

I am also working some charms for bracelets I am going to try and sell at the next show I am involved in, River Boat Days in Yankton SD.
Taking direction and inspiration from the newest book I am using, Canvas Re-Mix...and I will re correct this once I look at the title again. Take left over pieces of scrap and make charms. So simple...I don't know why I can't think of these simple things.

Last night I made some jump rings from copper wire. You can try to saw off too many at a time. I suggest working small pieces of wire for say 10 jump rings at a time. I went for the long piece and tried to do like 50 at a pop...not a smooth move. BUT I have jump rings!

I started cutting small pieces of scrap flat sheet copper I have, into little geometric shapes to mix up on the charm bracelets and give a little weight. ALSO, in that pile of cool stuff I found 2 small keys I am going use as charms too.

I think these will turn out cute and possibly sell. I like eclectic stuff...there MUST be another person that will go for the look too....

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