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Plan AHEAD...Make YOUR Plans NOW

Platte South Dakota
July 25,26,27 2014
Opening Evening
July 24
Remember  there are ONLY 8 students per each instructor.  You choose from 4 established artisans of 4 different fields. 
Photography, Pastel Painting, Watercolor Painting, Painting on Glass
Chad Phillips~ ~ is giving instruction and assistance to 8 individuals who wish to learn their method (camera) for capturing pictures.  Your camera phone, your point and shoot, or that fancy camera,  they all have so many apps and dials... (be it digital or film!)
all of these methods of picture taking will do the job but, don't you want to learn how to capture those photos to make the most memorable documentations of your lives that is possible.
Learn to step outside your comfort zone and embrace photography in whole different way.
You bring YOUR camera.
NO EXPERIENCE necessary~ 3 FULL days~$375
Chris Cernetisch~ ~ is giving the workshop for 8 individuals who want to learn more from their exploration of a most tricky medium or who have never tried pastels but have a desire to.  She takes the guess work out of the equation and helps to guide you through the process to gain you better success.  This is a mysterious medium and when done properly affords the individual with such rewards.
There will be a list of materials for you to supply yourself with and bring to class
NO EXPERIENCE necessary~ 3FULL days ~$375
Bonnie Brahms ~  ~ is giving a workshop for 8 individuals looking forward to working with water, color, and paper.  She is going to move you through this process taking all the wonder away to give you a successful exploration of the medium.
There will be a list of materials to supply yourself with to bring to class.
NO EXPERIENCE necessary~ 3 FULL days~ $375
Mary Hunt~ ~ is giving a workshop for 8 individuals who like to learn new processes and enjoy learning about a lost and dying art. 
Also, for the individual who already likes to work with glass who wants to expand their learning.
This is a Traditional Method that dates to the Egyptian Era. 
There are not many places in the USA where you can learn this process. 
Most of them IF you can find a place, are on the West or East coast.  At a MUCH HIGHER fee!
At one time Mary was one of a handful, (like 10) qualified to be sought after for staining glass in this method.  Collected by Museums and has several panels of work in many churches throughout the country. 
Learning this process will open you up and enlighten your senses.  Even if you do not work in glass, or do not intend to ~this class will help immensely with Value. 
The project you finish, if you can not finish it on your own and do not want to learn how to, Mary can finish it out for you, into a box or a panel.
ALL the materials and kiln firings are provided in the fee.~ 3 FULL days $435

Workshops of this nature require a lot of planning and coordinating of time schedules with 4 busily booked Mater Artists.  To have them agree to this workshop is a blessing.
The workshop genre has been chosen in accordance to your request.
These are the subjects I am most asked about for giving as classes.

Attending a 3 day workshop has so many benefits when compared to a 6 week class.
A 6 week class requires attending the instruction site 6 times for 2 hours each visit.  Generally the fee is set as $20 dollars an hour (unless a different program has been agreed upon).
It takes about 10-15 minutes to set up and get into the groove of the lesson, then time is up and you break down and clean up.  Giving you in actuality about 45 minutes of real class time.
so 45 x 6 giving you about 4.5 hours of actual good instruction for $240.00.

1 day of the workshop is 8 hours for $135.00 do I need to keep doing the math for you?

3 days of the workshop is 24 hours of intense instruction.  Leaving your work station set up, you come in and get right back to work each day.  I am sure you see the benefits but, lets spell it out just in case.
  • your are able to focus MORE on the class material
  • you are able to better retain the material because less time goes by between the sessions
  • you are able to ask better questions because there is less time involved between sessions
  • your instruction for problem areas are better addressed because you work through the process without a break in between a session
  • the class will flow better because there is no between sessions
Classes that last for weeks are a good option WHEN NO other option is available.

June 21 is the cutoff date for my return deposit on the location where the Workshop is being given.  Therefore, June 20 is the cutoff date for being included in the workshop.  If the workshops do not make up well the decision is going to be made at this time for refunding. 
Do not remain on the fence procrastinating, as in peoples nature.  I know there are MANY interested in this workshop, so make the leap and finalize the deal.
Additionally, I need to mention here, while the option is to take 1 to 3 days of the workshop of choice, those taking ALL three days are given precedence in available seats.  (this comes at the request of attending students taking ALL 3 days to provide fairness of materials learned and paid for).
These are amazing classes being offered by Masters of their fields.  Willing to share what has brought them to this point in their careers
AFTER many years of study. 
Many years of experimenting with the products available. 
Many years of actual experiences you won't read in a book, or see on you-tube. 
Actual practical beneficial REAL information, shared! alleviating you from all those oops and how do I get there moments that you just miss over and over doing it alone.  Bringing you leaps ahead in learning the field you choose.  Learning about something different.  Becoming recharged in your genre and refreshed to get back to the easel with a different perspective.



Staining Glass
Questions: call Mary 605-337-2308


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