Friday, May 16, 2014

An AD went out for the Upcoming Workshop

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This ad ran in yesterdays paper and will again June 5th.  Plus Ms Sharon is going to write an article!
On the upcoming event!

4 Amazing Artists
Chad Phillips ~
Bonnie Brahms ~
Chris Cernetish ~
Mary Hunt ~

You choose just one workshop class for a full 3 day class event.
3 days of instruction has the same curriculum as a 12 week class, its the same thing.
You aren't going back and forth 12 times, setting up and breaking down 12 times.  YOU ARE able to flow more smoothly in the lessons.  Catch problems quicker before they become a habit.  Have the teacher there for asking pointed questions as they arise, not while working at home on home work then forgetting the question.
Muddle through the technique only to become discouraged.  The teacher is there to help alleviate that.
You are going to come away with more instruction than trying to "get this" on your own.
AND you save nearly 200 dollars with the workshop!

These instructors have been in their fields of expertise 20 + years.  They know their stuff. They are willing to help YOU.
Come BE Inspired!

soon a website will launch for the Stagecoach Gallery!


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wanda miller said...

what a great looker, this ad mary! I can't imagine you not being inundated, esp. right down to the wire! ;)