Monday, August 31, 2009

Sketch One for... I am participating in this project hosted through Art House Coop..check it out you may want to participate! Participants are given a random generated theme. Mine is "and suddenly..." As I pondered the theme and how to depict it through my journal...(everyone is sent the same style and number of paged journal 80 pages both sides counted).
I thought since what i would do is depict South Dakota, where I live. As I live the "and suddenly..." kind of place, come most to life for me, I am beginning at the beginning. And suddenly! Craig up and moves me to pictorial South Dakota.

Traveling down the dirt road after having turned off the main road, traveling 2 miles west of the four way stop in will suddenly appear at my drive way. That suddenly appears amidst a grove a trees.

I began by gessoing the pages of the journal...these pages are rather thin, so I thought they might respond better if prepared a little. Also the page size is small 5.25x8.25, which limits your focal I will probably do a lot of 2 page spreads, plus that helps move me through the booklet ...and since these are due back to them by December 1, I need every advantage I can get for myself.
The first picture is the sketch begun.
Moving to picture 2 where I begin adding a little color. I used Derwent Inktense pencils and water to blend them.
Then the completed photo...the entrance to my drive.
Thank you for looking and stay posted...I have many more to bring out of!
Tomorrow begins Julia Prichard's Super Nova class.
Part one begins us making journals...not new to me, but I am always game for new approaches...Julia is a fun fun teacher
If I was in physical classroom experience...where we had to go wait, sign up, and HOPE there was still room in the class...I would camp out on the lawn of the administration office to make SURE I am signed up for this teachers session...and I would take everyone that she offered...twice even because you will get new information with each session...she is awesome!
check her out here..
she has little video enticements on her blog...have a look
So, I have a lot going on...check back soon


Bea said...

Ooooooh Mar, I thoroughly enjoyed the journey down your road to the entrance to your driveway. What a great project to be working on.
I did one, it's a photo essay, same type of theme,
Now, you know how to get to my house, COME VISIT! :)Bea

Mary said...

Hi Mar, I love dirt roads. What a wonderful road to travel on to get to your home. Lovely journal spread.

I'm taking Julie's class too! I have never made a journal, looking forward to it.


Anne said...

Hi, Mary! I love how you are interpreting your theme! And I love your drawing, too! Fabulous! :-)

Lori Saul said...

I love the progression in your wonderful journal pages- a lovely journey down the road and through your art processes Mar!

mary schweitzer said...

This will be such fun to watch develope. Please keep posting.
And you're taking another class, I'm sooo jealous. I've been trying to master coptic stitching journal binding.

Sarah said...

I like your drawings Mary! I have done nothing for two days-oh dear!

Bone*Head*Studios said...

Now this is why I'll never be able to do this kind of challenge, I wouldn't even know where to begin,
I'm afraid my journal would stay blank...
Fortunately you indeed know what and how to this and it's very lovely!!1