Saturday, November 29, 2008

check in time

I have been really bad about posting anything. I
have had a terrible cold.

Answering e-mails and going to work has been taxing enough on me.
I am feeling some better though.

We celebrated with a gathering thursday.

JR cooked the turkey...deep fried...AWESOME!!
I need to fix the pictures of Hannah and Charlie, and Triston..
Hannah had her first recital this week!
Hannah has a level of Autism that allows her the ability to be able to go to a school program, and eventually we hope to work her through where she leads a life that all of us take for granted, called 'normal'.
For her, crowds and loud noises make her extremely nervous.
Last year a crowd would have brought her to tears.
This year, she was able to cope and she stayed ON stage!
She didn't recite her line, but that she continued to participate in the program is a HUGE advance for our little Hannah.
I have a picture to upload of her night.
Charlie is just a little under 2 but he would have gladly helped everyone with their lines he was ready! I have a picture of him too...and a current picture of Triston their older brother...Steven didn't join us this week..he is the eldest.

Monday, November 10, 2008


Finally I did a few bookmarks for a soul journal trade I signed up for. They go in the mail this morning.

This picture it is hard to see the details of the deep sea laying under the paint of the 2 pieces on the right.
I chose a "deep sea" kind of theme to represent the depth of our souls...

Might be hard for the recipient to find the details too...I may have gotten a little to dark.

I see them tho


but Christy..they are on the way!!!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Running On Empty

Yesterday was the first day in over 2 weeks I didn't have to report to either job.
I desperately need to be in the studio working on finishing commissions as well as put together the prospectus for the NEW commission.
Yesterday I slept all day and all night. I probably would have slept this morning too except I worked at the creamery.
What a slug!!

It just so happens we have impending horrible weather...BLIZZARD warnings up. The winds began to really howl around 1:00 pm.
(I don't think we are going to get but the side view of this storm maybe 4 or 5 inches NOT the feet everyone else is getting)

Since I only had 1 customer stroll through and it was cold as heck in there, I closed the store at 1.
My plan to attack the studio or at least cook something for us to snack on while the weather was icky. I fell asleep AGAIN...I think I have sleeping sickness.

After my "nap" I did manage to run the dogs, feed them, and I just made a stew for tomorrow.
So, I don't have to cook tomorrow except maybe pop a pan of biscuits in...
but it is a STUDIO day!

I must get my soul journal sisters bookmarks out! they are just about ready so, tomorrow I should finish them, and mail off when I go to work.

Work on the cabinet doors for a ladies kitchen...
then tomorrow night I work at Fergies. Guaranteed to be busy...
so we shall let the games begin again.

Next visit I hope to have some finished pictures to show and tell...including our this weeks prompt from soul journaling...
everyone who has finished theirs looks fabulous!!!!

Onward Journey HO!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Web of Gratitude

This weeks soul journal lesson is the "Web of..." 'Love' is the original prompt. Like a few of my other soul sister's, I changed the lesson to "Gratitude".

I have a lot to be grateful for this week!

Fergies, where I waitress, that had the fire back in September, opened for business again.
We have had a terrific week, which means I made nice tips.

Craig has been having a good week!

My MOST exciting news...I have been given the opportunity to create "Jesus Blessing the Children" in Stained Glass.

I met with the church group Thursday, they are going to be a great group to work with. The commission is for a 7 ft x 7ft. install.

So we shall watch the progression of this project, probably over the next 6-10 months, depending on how fast my crate of glass will get here, and how many portraits we decide to place within the drawing.

I am thankful for what I have been given this week...well every week actually...
I have to say I am very blessed.

Vampi's New Caretaker...

Let's finish up the blog party business...
I put all the weeks visitors for all the postings...from this past week into a bowl and ..

Magpie's Envy..Dianne will be Vampi's new caretaker.

Never give out the location of her resting place...and keep a little sustenance on hand and she will be ever grateful...she has been working on her magic skills, so I hope she will bring you some kind of luck! Being a fledgling is a trying time for a vampire.
I hope you enjoy her as much I did creating her.

Thank you everyone who visited my party, I had a great time!

Thank you Kathryn, for hosting such a wonderful experience! my first blog party ever.
I am looking forward to more!