Saturday, June 7, 2008


Ya know...I hate to do it ...but my time is so limited and valuable to me. Come the end of the class, the time the students miss will be noticed as a value for them. Because most likely they will not finish their work. phone call, no note in the mail later, not even an email...when a person has a scheduled class (to meet with their agenda no less) and they miss the time I have made available to them, that...I am sorry, counts for a class.

I can understand that an emergency occurred, I can't understand that notification ( of some kind, at some point) failed.
Phones are everywhere (and almost everyone on earth has a cell phone). Then there is the trusty mail service...send a note about an email...I am thinking everyone on earth has a computer too.

None-the-less it counts for a class. 3 hours taken away from the 27 hours designated for the project.
Missing 1 class won't cause a person to not finish the project but, missing 4 classes will.

I don't see myself as momma, and I shouldn't need to remind a person they have a class...I keep a calendar, and usually so does the student.
When I am stood up, my time has been horribly wasted.
I didn't get notice, so I couldn't schedule something else in that space.
I can't get involved in an on going project of my own.
I can't even get housework done...I am not IN the house.

This is horribly unfair to me because, I have every time space on every day of the calendar marked in with appointments, work, teaching, and shows. I need every free space I might suddenly get to be used wisely creating work to sell, catching up on paperwork, or maybe just to get a moment to rest.

So, do you see my point?

Am I unjust to make the violator of time used wisely, own up to the offense?

Or, do you think that I should just brush it aside and add another time slot so they can catch up?
Of course, perhaps I should have my secretary put in a reminder call?....yeah that must be the answer.

Wanted: proficient being for occupation; secretary. Must have a calendar and know how to use a time piece and operate a phone using proper etiquette.
Must be able to use mental telepathic processes to communicate with students and appointees.
I won't put a number in...this is a test. ;)

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