Thursday, June 26, 2008

Birth Box

I accomplished a lid to use as example in these shows to come.
Birth announcement.
I used to do something similar a long time ago...I didn't realize that this kind of thing is popular I stained the footprint (painted on clear glass then fused it to my choice of color)
remember my "painting" is using crushed glass making a paste then using that AS paint.
Made a generic looking hospital record and now to make the box.


rebecca woodward said...

Mary, you have the most wonderful glass creations! I wish I could hop over there and take classes, or at least see everything up close.
This piece with the footprints is the sweetest thing. Thanks for sharing your talents!

Stacie said...

This is such a wonderful idea & it's so cool looking. I look forward to seeing the finished box. I'm dumbfounded that you can paint like that with a paste of crushed!

Kim said...

Mary Mary Mary. Baby feet Never go out of style! They're actually amazingly prized , considering how many of them there are lol!
This is a really wonderful idea though - what a wonderful memento box!