Monday, April 28, 2008


New projects are slow developing on the studio table these days. Mostly I am working to finish the Homestead project; Laura boxes and then the panoramic scene boxes. Painting and firing takes a long time to accomplish so things seem to stand still for the parties awaiting the finished product. In-between wait stages I try to accomplish something for a gallery or the museum show in August or one of the show/sales I have booked for this season. So I AM busy working!

Here is the roosters I made up earlier in a box, changed to a panel. They weren't so well received as a box but really have an impact as a panel.

These were not "painted" I used crushed glass to create the picture. The glass is crushed and then sifted to get the smallest powder and smallest chunks (the rest put to the side for future use) to sprinkle on the substrate...then fused it in the kiln. The result is a good example of this technique.

They do look better as a panel, than as a box.

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Maggie Ann said...

I am impressed! This is beautful. My husband & I have done have done several stained glass windows but no kiln..our daughter has a kiln but has never used it yet. Someday....she just had a new baby boy....what a dollbaby!