Wednesday, June 27, 2007


I am working up a composition using canvas background with ink wash. An overlay done on glass, using old world methods for staining will have the mermaides image. I am hoping for a rich depth. In picture 1 the background is begun with a wash of inks...blotted to get the start of waves. Picture 2 shows the image of the mermaide stained on glass laid over the background so I can visualize rocks. Image 3 shows the rocks added. Image 4 is the final background. I am putting image 4 on this post then 3,2,1...because it shows backwards once posted and now it will show a succession. Mermaide is in the kiln for the 3rd firing...added to her are embellishments within her hair..starfish, crab, shells...when it is cool enough to come out of the kiln, I will add her evening dress gloves... :-) should see that tomorrow.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007


I had SUCCESS!!!!

An image transfer with gel medium. I am excited!

Image transfers are really soft looking. This is a full portion of the creek on our property. I did three layers of medium onto a piece of canvas, drying each layer. Then put medium on the image and placed it onto the area where the medium had dried on the canvas and brayered it on and let it mostly dry. I am not sure if it was totally dry, then carefully peeled off the photo paper and there was my image left.


Monday, June 25, 2007


Here is today's assemblage for the collagecomposition groups first exercise, to use "line". Line designates how the eye travels over the composition. I am not all warm and fuzzy over my final arrangement for the day, it is just day 1. The other half of our exercise is to travel the net pages and find collages to help us with this exercise. I did find that I do not see "line" use in all collages so, is the use of line 'always' used? The picture I am using compiles 3 of today's examples of arranging the materials I am using to create my collage. I am trying to show doors to the past help shape our future...

Sunday, June 24, 2007


Hints at my personal history.
We harvested the hardshell clam.
Here the clam is depicted.

torn elements

Saturday, June 23, 2007


For those who have read The Secret, this project relates to "my" focus.
The suggestion to place your great desires and dreams in prominent places,
prompted this project.
The collage consist of elements that are my focus, for meditation.
Torn elements
Gouache watercolor
on watercolor paper
Valued critique from Sue off the arttechniques group
Thank you for bringing this to my attention
[I would say, from the photo I am seeing anyway, is that there are no darks. It's all light and medium values. Also, I'm not sure where your focal point is - is it "small ads" or "more"? That's where my eye goes the most easily. One way is the put your darkest dark next to your lightest light at or near your focal point, other ways are to use complementary colors or to make the focal point more "important" in some way.Some things to think about anyway. Edgar Whitney says "where's the bride" - in other words, whatis the main thing you want to say?Thanks for listening,Sue]

Thursday, June 21, 2007

word challenge

open to arguments, ideas, or change; "receptive to reason and the logic of facts"
ready or willing to receive favorably; "receptive to the proposals" [ant: unreceptive]
of a nerve fiber or impulse originating outside and passing toward the central nervous system; "sensory neurons" [syn: centripetal]
able to absorb liquid (not repellent); "the paper is ink-receptive"

The challenge was given off the group collagecomposition.

The door represents my move from VA to SD.
I am always open to discussion. There is a discussion happening in the bottom left corner
I receive stimuli from outside resources that travel through my central nervous system and end up on my studio table...all the time.
The pictures don't show well.

This was a good exercise.

Sunday, June 17, 2007


Practicing composition.
I use the less is more principal,
but WANT to adopt a more can be more style.
Though, less works here.

Watercolor background.
Torn elements


As this 'picture' took shape, I couldn't help but get tickled.
Beasts conotates huge, scary creatures.
So, I HAD to put one of current pups on the card.

Snowball won the honor.

Gouache watercolors for the background.
Torn lettering.
Some stamping.

Saturday, June 16, 2007


My second attempt was to be a transfer. This did not work. So I just used the picture. Cropped the image, added torn words, then stamped it with a meaningful phrase. Aged it with alcohol inks.

Hopefully I will get this transferring image down.

I really like the old aged look of that process.


Ya know, working small doesn't mean faaassst.

I did not do the correct size for this card. I mis-remembered the sizes. I have it straight now.

But, here is my very first card. Background is gouache watercolor. Added metallic inks. Stamped and highlighted. I kept it simple.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Cindy is raking in the days profits.
The rising smoke from her tent isn't from the heat!

She had a good turn out.

Craig was a HUGE help!

Without him I would have never considered this huge undertaking.

I expected him after setting up the tent and work, to disappear into Mitchell.

He stayed the WHOLE day!


As exhausted as I was from preparing for this event, I had a blast!

Mostly, I educated the masses. Many were thinking the images that are portrayed on glass, are decals!!!!


This isn't Wal-Mart people.

I explained away the process of using finely crushed glass and the kiln. They have a better understanding now.

Art Faire

An evolved art town shows the artists set up vendering their work and people milling around. The day was enjoyed by all.

Art Faire

Sunday, June 10th Cindy and Clay Gregg, owner's of Prairie Breeze Gallery in Mitchell, South Dakota hosted an Art Faire, on their farm in Letcher, South Dakota. After several weeks of strong storms, the day turned out terrific, a little 'breezy', (which means strong winds here)and a bit warm but, no rain.

Art Town was set inside the Gregg's shelter belt (tree grove). There were 25 attending artists represented of their Gallery. Live Jazz music, from a local group as backdrop for the some 200 visitors.