Thursday, December 27, 2012

Lets Review the Lampmaking Process

In the beginning we set out the glass needed, tools, and the pattern. 
After cutting the pieces out and separating them, as per the individuals method, I separate according to the glass that the pieces are cut from. 

In the picture are the branches of this pattern, The Magnolia Shade, designed in Louis Comfort Tiffany's Studio, back in the 1800's.  It is a HUGE pattern designed for a 28 inch lamps diameter, from which I am to re size to a 24 inch diameter.

The process has begun and as I cut the pieces of glass then, I am placing them onto the pattern, which lays flat on the table...

This is how I had the workroom set up for cutting, grinding the edges, then laying the pieces onto the pattern,  layed out on the 2 small tables.

I have this picture titled 1/2 done, but actually it is 1/3 done...and the bottom band didn't get used...
after all the pieces are ground and fitted to the pattern...we will prepare the mold...
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