Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Part 1 Casting Glass Boxes

Lets go through the making of these cute boxes! They are SOLID thick cast glass. The lids sit on the base. Picture one shows the glass has been chopped into frit (most of the time I hand chop my frit and sift to the size I am working with...I am old school)

The mold fuse in the kiln until all the glass is melted into liquid state!

Then after anneal is cooled down they come out of the mold, and look like this. They get a good grinding.

After they are cleaned up they go back into the kiln for fire polishing...but I added some vitreous stain dribbled down the sides to decorate them a little further.
Vitreous stain is fine crushed glass mixture thinned to work as is glass being fused to glass.

Prt two you most likely read already so you saw the final results.
Thanks for looking.


Christy said...

They are beautiful. I like the purple one the best!

Anne Gaal said...

Hi, Mary! It is sooooo cool to see how they look before firing, and after firing before they are polished! :-)

Marg said...

They are stunning. I also work with fused glass. I have had those molds for awhile and didn't get a change to play with them much. One firinf fine frit, I like your pieces much much better.