Monday, January 4, 2010

Classes!!! classes classes...

I LOVE classes! And what better way than to take an online class...convenience, yes.
Camaraderie, yes!
Instruction...well yes!
for me
the BEST part is I get a readied project to practice with.

I don't so much need to "learn" a skill, as to practice the skills I already have. (you might feel the same way!)
No matter your level, practice is always key to staying on your game.

It is ALWAYS interesting to see a different may even learn something new there!

I am a busy person, and so are you...
planning my own enticing and i let it go and let it go
and no practicing...
nothing new...booooooring hunh!

SO many unique classes are being offered this year on line...I will tell the few I am enrolled in
or plan to take...

This is such a great way to keep motivated, be inspired, learn a new technique, or practice with old ones seen in a different approach...I encourage you to take class
be it on line or in a physical studio..

Have a great motivated inspirational beginning to your new year!

I have enrolled in
Suziblu's Goddess and poets...just began

DJ Pettits photo workshop...just began

I plan to enroll in Sharon's class ...she is Norah's blog on the right side

and Julie Prichards newest workshop!!! which sounds just awesome...

these are just a few of many many offered classes...go find one you connect to...and have a great creative spell.

In the future I plan to offer on line classes myself...I have to get all the technicalities of working programs and filming down
then get down to the lessons
maybe this summer

Would you be interested in learning to use the soldering iron more proficiently?
with projects such as box making and solder decorating..simple projects wands...
not so much learn flat panel...I think that is a course better taken with a live instructor
to catch mistakes before they become bad habits, and learn easy approaches...

the classes I will offer up will not require that you have stained glass backgrounds
just a soldering iron, solder, rheostat, and some glass

You can learn all kinds of preliminary basics through simple projects...then continue your quest, should you wish learning how to build panels, perhaps through a local artisan near you...

I DO offer the classes here, but I might be a tad far away for you to get to me...hence,
the next best thing


GOOOOO getcha one!!!



Ophelia said...

I am there with you....I love online classes....can't wait to check out the ones that you are also signed up for!!

Sarah said...

Online classes are great aren't they? I am taking a Misty Mawn class this January on portraits and am excited about it. Also I would love to get better at soldering-it is something I am not confident at so I would definitely be there for a class run by yourself whenever that happens!
Love the Christmas faery picture!
happy new year to you and yours!
Sarah :)

Anne said...

Hi, Mary! I wish I had known about DJ's class earlier. I might have taken that one with you. Unfortunately, she has closed the registration! :-( Sounds like you have lots of fun things planned, though! Enjoy! :-)

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I'm in total awe of the online classes you are taking, and glad to read that you will be offering one. Like you, it's the technicalities that slow me down. Good luck with yours.

MrCachet said...

The on-line approach is a new one for me, and one that I've never explored. I'm taking a class in paper-marbling however, in a couple of months, offered locally. I'm with you on the staying-in-the-game!

Janet said...

I'm in or planning to take all the same classes as you! I love online classes but I think I'm addicted to them! I can't seem to resist when I see a new one. See you in class!!