Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Solder Sculpting

I am participating in an art exchange.....any case...

These hands kind of look like deer antlers in the picture...but hands in person

I took a box I had on the shelf ...simple box that has a sheriffs badge stained lid.
(recycling thing)

Gathered some materials together to make a few alterations to the look.

Wire...for forming the hand and fingers

Paraphernalia to solder...

And began my task to make hands...like presenting a present..

Hands holding the box..

First add wire where the fingers go...

Turn the heat down on the iron and start to add solder...until you get the look you desire..fingers

Patina..in this case bronze...

Hands holding the little box...I put a little swirly element over the Deadwood part of the badge...

But I like the star...kind of a shining feature for an artist
Marshaling the students...our hero...the teaching artist...

So, I present to a teaching artist their treasure..a star...

I won't give away who I have in the exchange...but I hope they come to the post to see how it was made...

fun experience...Hope you joined in ...
it was Seth Apter...and he has received it now...:)

Thursday, October 15, 2009


Has been a busy day!

Here is a lesson using titan buff mixed with the paint palette
Notice how it softens the hue and gives it a grungy effect at the same time

Here is the sign crew...Craig's brother Billy in the plaid and Jack in the blue coat just arrived today

JR is hidden in the middle and his buddy Keaton

Doing a fine job hanging the sign

Here it is hung...it shrank some but it is still visible enough from the road as they pass by...I am standing in the road to take the picture.

Fuse update...everyone arrived at the same time and it was coincidentally the same moments apparently the glass was readiest to sag
I over sag the piece...if the ripple isn't too top heavy it will make an excellent tub
otherwise not so much it will be too tippy a tip jug...we shall see
it has to anneal 5 hours then tomorrow when it is totally cool I can open the kiln
another huge problem with an over sag is the possibility it won't come off the mold...
we shall see...

fingers crossed it isn't too out of proportion and it lifts off the prop...

thanks for dropping by


Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Colorful Pallete..

To say the least it is colorful...
other than practicing using waxpaper as the method to apply the paint...
I am not exactly sure what I was after...
I was in the studio using paper and paint and I enjoyed the process.

Also fused some glass today which will sagg tomorrow and hopefully if that behaves correctly
I will have a new tip jar for the bar
that looks like a spent shotgun shell...which is what the boss wanted...
this remains to be seen
glass is finickier than paper
and sometimes totally behaves inappropriately
I will know know more on friday about that...

Meantime..thanks for stopping in!

Saturday, October 10, 2009


This is an old antique Exxon gas station sign...only I think it was Esso then...Craig's grandfather started the business in the 1800's...then his Uncle Freddy inherited it....Craig's brother Byrd used it as a sign at the end of the road to announce veggies this way...then we brought it with us in the move to SD.
This is what Craig wanted painted on it to place at the end of our drive entrance.

I would love nothing better than to age its appearance...but he would freak if I was to do anything else to it.

That is BB retrieving a pheasant...Big Reb standing a pheasant and a couple of jumped flying pheasant...grasses and trees.
The rock is Sam gone wrong...he became landscape.

Painted with metal paint..not a forgiving material...but I think it will hold up the best in the elements on a metal sign. There are not a lot of colors to choose from either and mixing the few I could get my hands on was limiting.

The painting itself is done in a minimal detail style...so the brain fills in the missing pieces and the sign will appear fuller as they pass.

It is so far up no one would be able to see individual feather strokes or an eye...

Anyway it is done and ready to hang...

Thanks for visiting..

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Journal Project pages

Two simple sketches reflecting nature...I seem to be stuck in that mode.

Suddenly it is...32 degrees
Suddenly fall color on the trees..

Monday, October 5, 2009


This style book is learned from Julie Prichard's class. I liked it so well I made another.

It measures 51/2 x 81/2. With a mixture of collaged pages

and neutral painted pages for background beginnings

I kept the paints soft, but bright.

Here is a photo of the book standing open...(before the cover is added.