Sunday, May 4, 2008

Sage Green on Opposite Wall

On the N wall went the sage green color. So CLEAN is this color! No shelves will go back on this wall. Green, to me, is the best compliment for hanging artwork.

The toy replicas in wood, of artist Paul Samuelson, surround the opening into the antiques room. They are so much better showcased in this area.

The one picture shows how the meeting of the colors look over the opening wall.

This was a huge job. The walls kept growing, but I finished in 1 week!!

BE sure to go to the before pictures below!!!!

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rebecca woodward said...

Now look at that buffalo in your gallery! He looks right at home against that wonderful sage green wall. Really Mary, it all looks so delicious. I would love to be in your area for the buffalo roundup. What a kick!