Friday, February 29, 2008


I have been reluctant to post progress on the saint portraits for the Chamberlain project. Mostly because the progress is so slow and not a lot of change occurs until the end. Which is where i am now. Maybe 2 more firings for each portrait and they will be completed. I am working on their banners which should most likely be completed this weekend as well. March 1!

In a prior post the drawings were approved. From these drawings I trace the lines and begin shading the glass by matting the pieces. this requires painting the entire piece then removing the paint with scrub brushes (a special brush for this technique) which leaves areas of shading that later will show enhancement as I add pigment for skin color. St Anthony is done in sepia tones throughout, where St James will have a lot of coloring. The portraits found of the 2 saints are for 2 different eras of time and the time was wished to be kept in an accurate depiction. Hence the two different looks. I am not sure if I should show a timeline for the project or post a beginning and middle then final. Anyone working in glass would like to see the progression, but it is going to be lost on anyone not working in glass and totally a confusion for laypersons. So, I am going to do my best with this and put it up. I know Susan is probably going crazy with wonder about her project and being out of the area, for you Ms Susan...enjoy the progression of your endeavor...

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Linda Manning Findley said...

awesome work ... will be watching for the finial piece ..... Linda F