Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Faery!

no words needed!


This is the visibility level from the truck this morning. It is worse in total white out! But this was good compared to just 5 miles north. Headed to JR's to open the presents...we didn't stay long. The drifts were forming as we visited!
We are just on the edge of this drifts by the house here stands of 4 feet or more.
So, I can't imagine what others are experiencing.
The interstate is closed. So if you weren't where you needed to be last night
you weren't getting there.
So far we have electricity, but others aren't so fortunate. The wind is that of 30 below!!! Can you imagine living in the tepee HA!
OR worse dug into the side of the thankyou...this is as pioneer as I care to experience!
My hats off to the predecessors..they were indeed a spirited tough lot!
Have a terrific holiday and new year!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Angel of Journey

A SuziBlu class...she does a fabulous coaching job !
(can click the image to enlarge and see better)

This is where the angel begins...and she progresses along

layer by layer

by layer

to completion...i think

Happy Holiday

I would like to say, classes give me inspiration, a ready project to tackle, camaraderie with a group be it on line or live.
I love a teachers enthusiasm.
When I teach I love the students enthusiasm.

Either route, class is fulfilling for a novice or a seasoned artist...

Classes give a wondrous sense of achievement...and I always...always pick up something from a class.
No two artist go about a project in the same fashion...and there will always be a different sparkle about the project at hand
even in a step by step layout.

Go find and take a class that interest you...even if just because.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Collaged Ornament

This can be a messy process...but cute individualized results.

I made 2, this is just 1 with a few views

I made some dangly pieces of jewelry but I haven't attached them yet.

Took a glass Christmas ornament...they come clear but this was a
colored one.

I slopped on some gel medium and attached some torn elements,
some glitter, snowflakes, more glitter...i didn't want to use my good paint so my white is gesso
I think they are cute !!