Sunday, September 30, 2007


Updating my website isn't going so well.

There seems to be internal bugs or something.
My guru is also trying to "teach" me how to upload my changes, that isn't going so smooth either.

My focus is creating, and it is really hard for me to sit down and work on this computer stuff. I don't see how come it can't be as easy as this format is in blogging.

My goal is to have this updated site version operating so I can show class information at least by the spring...Ann has a different goal, she is thinking within a few weeks...well originally days. There was no way I can attack this process in days, so weeks it is.

The time just flies!
Already we are ending September.

A interesting thread on one of the art groups I read in Yahoo is talking about original work. I believe within the same thread, or maybe not, is a reference to artists coming into themselves at the 50ish age.
How a gathering of application and technique is "practiced" and honed to skill up to this point and then the imaginations and working fly.

Not in these words of course but that is the gist of what I get out of the reading.

I totally agree that around 50 people come into themselves and in having a better understanding of self are able to put forth a more creative uninhibited expression. The artwork reflects a quality of passion and imagination that wasn't reflected in the artwork prior.

I believe it takes this long to get to this place.

Patience is very important when creating. By this time, patience has been practiced enough that it has a perfection of its own and is utilized within the creative vibe.

Anyway, I think this was a good discussion and should be analyzed within, meditated on, and executed.

Friday, September 28, 2007


I wish I had remembered to take pictures of the pieces I took to the Prairie Breeze Gallery yesterday.
Cindy was very pleased...if the proprietor is happy then I am ecstatic!

I did a set of salad or server plates that seemed to be the favorite. I painted a spider web on all 4 plates then shaded them so they could resemble squash coloring or light pumpkin. They did turn out nice.
She wants some more of the salad plates...not that design so much, but she liked the salad plate offering.

Took several candle vases...and that was about all I had the time to create.
They did arrive in time for the festival she is involved with and she was pleased for that effort.

We went to lunch at Cafe Teresa, a most delicious experience every time!...if you (the reader) live around the area of Mitchell, SD...or plan to travel through...GO you will not be disappointed.

Her menu continually changes. Everything I have tried has been absolutely terrific. Even a seemingly ordinary chef salad...Teresa makes it...OH MY is the BEST salad ..ever.
I love delivering to Cindy...I always go hungry too.

The bowl with the 4 poster coffin "The Trap" is viewing at the Prairie Breeze for awhile.
There is a play opening called Dracula! How appropriate is that!
She liked that the bowl showed my creative side...yeah, we pretty much don't think it will sell.
You just never know though.

So, I am continuing in this work mode...and back to the studio I go.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007


I am still creating work for Cindy's gallery.

The the previous post.... evaporated in the kiln, I forgot they were in there.
(I tend to get sidetracked)
So, I began them again.
Only I liked them not pumpkins, shaded they more look like, a gourd or maybe a light pumpkin. I did a set of 4, perfect for salads or soup...That is where I am there, a day behind because of the oops.

Thursday is my planned day to trip up to Mitchell and deliver the work I get done. By then she will probably think I got sidetracked and forgot all about this weekends event thing happening.

In addition to my studio work, and working at the gallery in Platte, I tend a hunting lodge kennel, it is nearby. With hunting season beginning, I am there a LOT.
Dogs, dogs, and MORE dogs...because We also have a kennel full of ...DOGS
Do we see a pattern here...
And I am here to let you know, dogs need a LOT of tending to.

I will be bbbusssy for a few months.

The weather has changed and it is fall now...crisp, beautiful, lovely weather...even if it rains, we terribly still need moisture. Although, I fear my worst nightmare of horrible snow storms and great amounts of that stuff gathering are going to befall US this year. The signs are there according to the elders of the township...I hope they are wrong, but it is bound to eventually become my experience. So far, during the 8 years I have been here, (according to the elders) the winters have been mild.


Monday, September 24, 2007


Friday concluded an amazing week of sales.

Cindy, from the Prairie Breeze Gallery, managed to sell 3 pieces in 1 week, just awesome!
As she concluded the call to let me know yet another piece went away and she needs MORE!..hello...I love that phrase...I managed to sell 3 pieces to a lady AND she wants classes!

Seriously, those stars were all aligned in my favor last week.
Thanks be to the goddesses.

This weekend I began to make fused work for The Prairie Breeze. There is a festival this weekend and Cindy is gearing up for the season, so I am keeping with that theme.

So far I fused and sagged 2 small vases, I use them as candle vases. These I did in falling leaves colors, cathedral shades so the light can illuminate.
I just sagged 4 small plates amber tone that will be pumpkins when I am finished adding the they get fired another time.
(For those who don't know, I work with glass when I work in the kilns)

I have a gorgeous limey green...chips I previously used in the falling leaves vases. I am thinking small serving bowl, shaded as a changing leaf. That will be 2-3 firings and all I will be able to produce by Thursday.

I may be able to yet do a couple of small boxes..we will see.

I will show pictures before I take them to deliver.

I think I am finally! on the road to discovery since the move here.
Let's hope so, I don't want to have to keep cleaning these calving barns forever!


Friday, September 21, 2007


We had the seasons first cooler change sweep through this morning around 8!
When I first got up ..around 6 it was 80 degrees, then cooled off to 70 degrees by 8.

I LOVE the fall.

Love the changes, the wind, the smell of the earth getting ready to go to sleep. The whole process just amazes me. And I have the perfect spot from which to watch it all and take it all in. I will capture a picture and post it.

This weather has brought a LOT of people into the Creamery today (the gallery I work at in town).
All this talking and smiling is making me exhausted and thirsty!, of course I didn't stop for my drink this morning. Thinking i would have plenty of time to walk over and get one.

It always happens that way doesn't it.

Monday, September 17, 2007


Two pieces in ONE day!!!!
sold at Cindy's gallery
the Prairie Breeze in Mitchell SD
this morning!

That is like rare around these parts.

... so I am just notating it, I don't have anyone but y'all to tell it to.


Sunday, September 16, 2007

Next Projects.. coming along

I am commissioned to paint a night sky with a roughish sea and the tail of a whale in that sea.
It is coming along nicely.

On the yahoo arttechniques group I am signed in for a skinny book swap, the title heading of "women/goddess". My choice is the goddess for Taurus. Since I am a Taurus.

I have 4 of my 12 pages backsides painted with 2 of the colors for her. Lapis and Malachite. Her sacred color is turquoise, and I will use that color for one of her symbols on the backside. Then begin her paintings. All the pages must be originals and the same. She is of Egyptian descent, so she will have an Egyptian woman look. The rest will be a mystery yet.

Christmas is coming and I will begin pieces for the galleries representing me for the season.
I have a lot happening...and mixed into the studio equation is 'work' I don't get a lot of time...and I have to make it all count, I am not allowed to

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Story of Bowl

The bowl does have a story related to its presence of space.

Vampires are secretive with their laying places, their lair. Being protective of their space they create layers. Each layer has a puzzle woven into a spell or code as its key.
If the code can't be figured out a trap is sprung, and the vampire succeeded in protecting himself.
Should the code be figured out then, another layer is opened configured for the intruder to have another round of delay and another chance at being trapped himself.

This bowl signifies that several layers have been removed and another trap is yet set for the intruder to dismantle and maybe find his object of obsession, the Vampire, laid within his coffined bed, sleeping his strength gaining sleep for power.

I named the piece, "The Trap".

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Finished Project

A corner close up shows the discarded skulls...a skull is used as a candle holder and is lit.
Here is the bowl finished.

The eye.

I am having a time naming this piece.

This piece is comprised of paper mache technique molding the bowl, enhanced with plaster, gauze for texture, the colors of a cave, the "hands" holding the eye are tongs, the eye is a small marble mushroom, 4 rusty nails for the posters, and lots of molding paste.

Finished Project

Working on practicing collage, even though I haven't finished "Dachota Bison", I did a piece featuring my granddaughter 'Hannah'. The style I went for was a painting. Then I discovered the UTEE hello, I like this stuff. In person the UTEE spaces act as if they are being highlighted. This helped this piece a lot. Nothing really special about the picture except it is of Hannah and I did finish it!
She is 2 going on 3. Our "little flower", she LOVES to sing and is in fact quite dramatic about it. Her favorite song is Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. A children's station gives a program called the goodnight show. A pillow star is the host...she loves this pillow. I tried to infuse all the current favorites into the piece. The background has a song sheet but it isn't showing in the picture..?
I am hearing favorable comments from my students and visitors...I shall continue to practice with one of her brothers next...get the whole family incorporated.

Monday, September 3, 2007


After 8 years I taught my first class today. I was exhausted when the 3 hours were done. I can NOT imagine having to do this for 10 hours anymore!

My students were so excited to learn some new techniques.
They began a composition knowing they could not finish, and want to return tomorrow!
I didn't expect them to want a rolling class, but it makes me feel like I gave them more than they expected.
So I did my job.

I had forgotten the appreciation gained from sharing. It was nice to re-visit that emotion.

Sunday, September 2, 2007


Sunday without Craig around (the husband) as he is in Texas, is rather slow. He keeps things hopping.
It turned off very hot again today.
After morning dog chores for here (we have 14, English Setters and English Labradors) and the lodge kennels (another place I work, River Hills Lodge...I work in the kennels tending the hunting dogs mostly).
I didn't want to go out much more after that.
Which is just as well, I needed to set up the studio for the lessons tomorrow.
Then I thought I better practice the lesson so I would "look" smooth and have an example. Of course THEN I had to RE-clean the studio.

A call came from my sister in VA. Mom, after just recuperating from hip surgery, fell AGAIN! and broke the bone (thigh) on the same side. So now she has to have surgery again. With all the same worries.

I just finished up kennel chores. I let them wait tonight so the heat would simmer down a little.

And that is the exciting day.

Saturday, September 1, 2007

Feeling The Love

The whole day was a blur.

I was steady busy all day with people milling through at the Gallery I work in town. It has artwork from our locals and then antique shop in the back, interesting place actually. A museum is downstairs.

The heat snuck up on us again and the campers were coming into town for a stroll into A/C!
In the mist of all these gazers 2 people are interested in stained glass classes. TWO in one day! If the others on my list are still interested...we have a class.

Then, 2 people are interested in learning backgrounds and different applicable techniques for journals or cards...whatever...they arrive Monday at 11 am.
I cleaned my studio up some when I arrived home.

THEN, my son JR has a fused plaque on his deck outside. One of his buddies must really like it he phoned and ordered one for a wedding present.
This is pretty amazing to me, the young people these days do not put a whole lot of thought into a gift, or seem to even appreciate art, at least around here.

I am cruising my favorite blogs looking at their updates and cool would it be when someone adds my blogspot to their "interesting" list....and there I WAS!
That is a thrill.
Especially since I haven't really been building an interesting site.
I was feeling the love though.
Great Day!

To Get Creative

I visit a LOT of blogs. I am astounded to see SO much creativity. A lot of inspiration seems to come from these different sites that challenge. So I am compiling a list.

My new goal and focus is to PARTICIPATE more in challenges. I often just run out of time. And periodically I actually get commissions, but we will see where I go with my new found inspired self.

I really enjoy reading every ones thoughts and daily trials their artistic endeavors...and in general I just feel like I had a visit with the individual. So, I want to try to be more reflective of me. How my day is or a thought. (I have them on occasion, generally forgetting it immediately). What I am experimenting you, my visitor, might learn about me. Not just see a piece I fling up occasionally. This is my second personal challenge.

I will begin in the next entry...we don't want to get too carried away right off.